Casual Backyard Wedding in White Rock

When Ian & Erin first contacted me about their suuuuper laid-back wedding to complement their suuuuper laid-back personalities, I knew they were my kinda people. Ian is British, and the two spent time living in England together, but have now made the Fraser Valley their home. The goal was to have a wedding in their own backyard that felt inspired by their favourite old British pubs. The relaxed vibe, the laughter, the beer, and their favourite people. Ties & formalities were not needed here.

DIY is a common buzzword for weddings these days, but this wedding was 100% accomplished by them and their families. Ian even built. all. the. tables. Seriously. Their parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and & friends took on every role possible. Hair & makeup, flower arrangements, centrepieces, homemade cookies & cakes, barbecueing chicken in the yard, and cooking a gorgeous meal right there in the kitchen (complete with Heinz ketchup on each table, as a real pub does). Ian even built a perfectly designed 5ft tall Connect 4 game for everyone to enjoy.

Ian’s sister & her family had flown in from England for the event, which happened to fall on the weekend of her 40th birthday. There was a 2nd decorated cake to surprise her with, while everyone sang happy birthday and cheered. A truly thoughtful gesture by a couple not wanting their wedding to be “just about them”.

It truly felt like my 2nd shooter Tanja and I had been invited to a raucous & joy-filled family barbecue where we just happened to have cameras. We were the only vendors at this event, and they made sure it didn’t feel that way for long. It makes me so happy knowing that they valued photography enough to invite the two of us into their circle that day, and that they felt comfortable enough with us that we wouldn’t get in the way of their good time.






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