Like Mother Like Daughter.

It’s not easy to think of Mother’s/Father’s Day gifts for your parents after 30-some years, but since we’ve had Quinn it’s gotten a lot easier! The photo on the left was hanging in our basement (24×36″ no less) during my entire childhood. I didn’t find it nearly as adorable as they did, especially when I was trying to be a cool and sophisticated 8 year old in front of my friends.


But I get it now. We did this photo shoot with Quinn as a gift to my parents, and now I’ll always have this photo blown up on the wall for all her friends to see.

Sorry, little one. Your life is going to be full of embarrassing smooches in public, and proud displaying of naked baby photos. Might as well get used to it.



This is simply awesome! Love it!!!

Jana! I love this!!!! Way too cute!!! She looks so much like you 🙂

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