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Pure joy and love. When I look at these photos (even a year later, whoops!), I’m still smiling ear to ear at my computer screen. The overwhelming happiness and love we all felt that day was magical, and something I’ll never forget. 

Now’s maybe a good time to grab a coffee or a glass of wine and settle in, because I’m warning you, this is perhaps my most photo-heavy post in 10 years. What I find so beautiful about it though, is that we only had 10 minutes for portraits…so this is all just a documentation of their unbelievable day. My heart is bursting with every photo I add to this post, I couldn’t possibly tell the story without each and every one. 

The day started at the Or Shalom Synagogue in East Vancouver…

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Rabbi Laura Kaplan is an incredible soul, and enriched their day in such a unique way. They began with the signing of the ketubah, in a small private ceremony in a private room of the synagogue.

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wedding guest reading the torah

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Jewish wedding ceremonies takes place under a chuppah, a symbol of the home the new couple will build together. The couple then circles each other 7 times.

wedding chuppah, circling seven times

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drinking wine for betrothal blessings at jewish wedding ceremony vancouver

exchanging rings at same-sex jewish wedding ceremony vancouver, tattooed bride

giving of the ring jewish wedding ceremony vancouver

bride showing off ring at jewish wedding ceremony vancouver

That look just floors me. These moments are my “why”.

happy couple same sex wedding vancouver

The Rabbi and the couple read the Ketubah they’ve signed. I think the Ketubah is my favourite part about Jewish weddings. (Well, apart the Hora). An official document but made beautiful by custom artwork of the couple’s choice. Ready to be hung in the home as an everyday reminder of the promises made, and as a pretty awesome piece of art.

jewish ketubah vancouver

reading the ketubah

Jill’s son was included in the ceremony, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. 

bride making speech to son during wedding ceremony in vancouver

mother of the bride crying during jewish wedding ceremony vancouver

hug with son during same-sex wedding ceremony vancouver

kid hugging dad during wedding ceremony vancouver

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guests clapping at jewish wedding vancouver

Now the fun really begins! Led by the Rabbi’s gorgeous voice, the whole room erupts in clapping and song. Emet looks around at her loved ones with an expression of overwhelmed joy.

happy couple during ceremony, same-sex wedding vancouver

The breaking of the glass! (In gold shoes, no less).

breaking of the glass, jewish wedding ceremony vancouver, same-sex jewish wedding

excited crowd at jewish wedding

This. This is what it’s all about. A family that already existed in their hearts, finally made official. 

couple hugging son after wedding ceremony vancouver

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Let’s dance! Did I mention how much I love weddings full of music and free expression? 

rabbi laura kaplan vancouver jewish wedding dance

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hug with son after same-sex wedding ceremony vancouver

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Some quiet portraits in the library.

vancouver synagogue wedding portraits, library wedding portrait

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Then we had 10 minutes on the grounds of the East Vancouver synagogue. We don’t always need 2 hours of portraits when there’s partying to be done!

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On to Nonna’s Table at the iconic Vancouver Waldorf Hotel for the reception.

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I often chat with couples before their wedding about the benefits of an unplugged ceremony. But in my 10 years as a wedding photographer, this was my first time being part of an unplugged reception! I thought people were going to have trouble sticking to it, because our natural tendency these days is to hashtag and post. But everyone was SO involved and connected. 

unplugged wedding sign, unplugged reception, unplugged wedding vancouver

The food at Nonna’s Table was deeeeelicious.

nonna's table wedding vancouver

waldorf hotel wedding

DJ Slade playing some tunes for cocktail hour.

dj slade vancouver, queer as funk wedding band

The back of my husband’s head, running the Winkbooth

photobooth vancouver, winkbooth, vancouver photobooth

Emet’s crazy awesome surprise proposal video was being played on a loop during cocktail hour. So sweet.

proposal photography vancouver, proposal video

More joy upon arrival! Squee!

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Make that Shirley Temple a double, fine sir.

kids ordering shirley temple at wediding

Sometimes props from the photo booth make their way into the reception.

wedding mc wearing sombrero

same-sex wedding speeches vancouver

wedding speech, waldorf hotel

vancouver waldorf hotel wedding

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Jill’s son had been working hard to learn the drums and got to perform a solo for the crowd.

playing drums at wedding, rock n roll bride

Look at the super glowy proud mom face.

wedding band vancouver

I think the band was impressed too. 

queer as funk, vancouver wedding band

Queer as Funk were the band for the night, and I really can’t gush enough about them. The mix of music, the party atmosphere they provided, the multiple instruments and vocals…just another thing to add to the epic-ness of the event. Perfectly described on their website: “Queer as Funk is renowned for its tight rhythm section, hot horns, and killer vocals, bringing together the city’s best musicians in an explosive, high-energy dance band”.

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3 delicious wedding cakes, by Le Gateau Bakeshop. Love this idea. All different flavours and allergen considerations. Horse & unicorn topper: delightfully hilarious. 

unicorn and horse wedding cake topper

tattooed bride, rock n roll bride, edgy same-sex wedding

The Hora!! (My previously mentioned ‘icing on the cake’, as it were).

wedding hora, waldorf hotel

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same-sex wedding hora

lgbt wedding hora

same-sex wedding hora queer as funk

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waldorf hotel dancefloor

Anyway, after all that play by play, I’m still somehow pretty much speechless. An entire day of music and love left me pretty weepy and full-hearted. Thank you Emet & Jill for letting me be a part of it. 

(Also, their photo booth was hilarious, as you would expect. The benefit to no walls? Fitting in an entire 10 piece band.)

vancouver wedding photo booth, wedding photobooth vancouver

queer as funk, vancouver photo booth, same-sex wedding photobooth vancouver

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