Moore Family Photos – Queen Elizabeth Park

I love fall.
It’s the time of year when I carry my camera (not just my iphone) with me everywhere.  So I’m even more excited when my clients want photo shoots in the fall, keeps me from just wandering aimlessly taking pictures of leaves.

Amy made one of these images her Facebook profile photo this week, mentioning that it had been exactly 1 year since we did this shoot….and I realized this blog post had slipped through the cracks! I photographed Amy & Tyler’s wedding almost 3 years ago, and we became instant friends. And I’m so excited to have our little ones born only 1 day apart, who can become great friends too.


Look at the sweet little hand pose. This kid knows he’s cute.


I can never resist a good outtake.

Looking forward to another family photo session in the future. This time including brand new little Annie! How time flies….

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